Website user, event attendance, privacy and return policies. 

Privacy Policy:  

Cookies and tracking information is set through your browser and our system does not store personal information. Website traffic and data collected is not sold to third parties. The data we receive is usual with what users give for us to conduct seminar events and promotions for these events. Through our website and servers, we collect the following: Your browser and version, the date and time, IP address, operating system, and website referring you. All personal information you provide is used for internal work and not shared with other parties. This includes: Your name, email, address, phone number, credit card information (only temporarily during payment transactions you perform, through secure servers and not long term- we DO NOT share your credit card information) and other volunteered information you fill out on forms to sign up for product or events. Any emails received from us are because you allowed us to email you from the opt in options of our website forms. If you wish to be removed from our email list simply let us know that you are no longer interested in receiving email(s) by opting out. 

Workshops or Live Events:

Purchases on the website for reservations hold one seat per event per individual. Due to limited seating and scheduling arrangements to hold your reservation, your seat is guaranteed for you and is not resold or transferred to another. If after reserving your seat(s) you are unable to attend the event, you may transfer the ticket(s) to another individual and then supply to us by phone or email the names, contact numbers and emails of those new ticket holders at least 48 hours in advance of the event. 

Workshop & Live Event Cancellation/No-Show Policy: 

If you choose not to transfer the ticket and choose to cancel instead, you must do so prior to 30 days of the event on the purchased reservation. A non-negotiable 50% cancellation fee of the price you paid per ticket will apply. NO refunds within 30 days of the event are accepted for any reason. Due to the demand and limited seating at each event, this policy is strictly enforced. No-shows at any event will be considered the same as a cancellation without 30-day notice, and no refunds or credits will be honored. Video & Audio Recording 


All live events are recorded. As is usual in events of this nature, there will be video cameras and audio recordings taken of the event, including its staff, audience, volunteers and participants. All attendees are asked to comply with video & audio policy prior to entering facility and should not purchase tickets if they don’t wish to be recorded at the event(s). Purchasing tickets implies you agree to being recorded in the room and venue the event is taking place. All events are videotaped and you will be filmed in the audience regardless of volunteering or being brought up onto the stage. Footage will be used for promotion of the event and future events. If you wish to minimize your face being on camera, you may sit in the last back row of the event to minimize exposure of being caught in the camera’s viewfinder during panning shots. However, you are not guaranteed that your likeness, image or voice won’t be recorded and you should not attend the event(s) if this is a concern for you.  


30-day return period on any unused digital products (other than printed books) Books will not be accepted for return once purchased. Returns on digital products sold are accepted back in perfect condition. Any use of product that constitutes the product as used or less than new will not be accepted for return. In regards to multimedia products which could be illegally copied violating piracy laws, any open packaged without shrink wrap is non-refundable and non-returnable. A 15% restocking fee is charged on all product returns. Items purchased from 3rd parties are refunded by that party.  Refunds method for returned products:  All refunds are given in the same way they were purchased, usually refunded within 3-5business days of when the product was received in office. Shipping, restocking fee and other processing costs associated with the return will not be honored back as refund or credit.   

Legal Disclaimer:

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