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Yes, BE A MASTER® of Sex Energy!

How to use subtle hypnosis methods to strengthen the bond between you and your lover! 

How to neutralize old negative biases, and retrain your brain for the sex you deserve

How to become the victor instead of the victim in your relationships

How to blast through the friend zone and remove the nice guy (or girl) syndrome​​​​​​​

How to improve your posture to look more attractive and get more dates

And so much more! 

How to confidently deliver intense orgasmic pleasure to both your lover and yourself

Be A Master® Of Sex Energy: Hypnotize Your Partner For Love And Great Sex

Profound PLEASURE waits for YOU and your partner! Are you seeking a better sexual experience with your partner, or hoping to attract the right one? Do you find yourself repeating the same mistakes in love, or feeling unable to overcome your biases towards sex? Dr. Theo Kousouli explores the neurology and psychology of our sexual human nature. He helps you evaluate your experiences, your primary beliefs about sex, and gives you the techniques you need to become a sex god or goddess in your own right. Taking into account everything from how you were raised to your body language, this book gives you nearly every tool imaginable to help hypnotize and please your lover(s). In this incredible and attractively illustrated book, you can get the essential information you have been looking for to forever transform your relationships!

“I have all his books and let my best friend read it and he got his own copy. WHERE WAS THIS BOOK when I WAS in C O L L E G E??!!!! They should give this book to every young man and woman when they start having sex to bring meaning and deep connection to relationships."

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“I got the series and putting the knowledge to great use. My lover and I are REALLy putting this info in particular to great use ;) that's all I'll say on that lol.​"​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Customer Review

“This book helped me learn the insides and outs of the subliminal sexual art. And I'm glad I now know this!!! So simple too"

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Attend a Be A Master® Of Sex Energy Live Event!

Are you lonely? Do you always end up in the friend zone? Tired of dates flaking? Can’t make sense of what he or she really wants? Want to spice things up with your current lover or find the committed ‘right one’? Not sure if they are really into you? You are not using your sex energy correctly! In this exclusive event, Dr. Kousouli teaches you the secrets in neurology and psychology that command our sexual human nature. He brings you easy applicable methods to hypnotize your lover(s) to you! He will teach you safe, subtle hypnosis methods that can strengthen the bond between you and your lover, give intense orgasms and give you the confidence to finally claim your sex energy in your intimate relationship! Bring your single friends or lover with you and learn these secret master techniques!

Get ready for another amazing event! Be A Master® events are for those seeking to unleash the incredible light within. Open to all spiritual seekers regardless of background or religious denomination. Learn to reach the light within and Be A Master® of your life. Monthly meetups, meditations and special events are all lead by best-selling author, speaker, and intuitive holistic healer, Dr. Theo Kousouli. Sign up now for the free Be A Master® Seminar email to get the latest on when this event’s registration goes live!

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Dr. Theo Kousouli is a leading mind-body holistic healer, board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic, a hypnotherapist and best-selling author. The Be A Master® Seminars reflect his 8 (and counting) life-changing books ranging from overcoming abuse, depression and pain to reviving your 6th sense ‘psychic’ abilities. As a personal transformation coach, speaker and thought leader, Dr. Kousouli advises celebrities, entertainers, business leaders, energy healers and spiritual seekers of all varieties using his unique personalized holistic healing approaches, the Kousouli® Method and HypnoChiro™. His professional and spiritual path is a direct result of overcoming family, health and medical misfortunes as a young man; severe bullying, depression, suicide attempt, semi-paralysis from a pool accident, and two open heart surgeries to replace a congenitally failing aortic valve and an aortic aneurism. Dr. Kousouli has appeared on many networks and is invited frequently to speak at health symposiums and institutions of higher learning helping people become masters of their lives. ​​​​​​​CLICK HERE for Dr. Kousouli’s Reel.

Master Instructor – Dr. Theodoros Kousouli

Dr. Theo Kousouli is one of those doctors who has helped awaken mass awareness. Today, you need a shepherd to navigate through the healthcare delivery system. With Dr. Theo Kousouli, you have a great one.”

Dr. Robert Kotler 

Author, Inventor, Teacher, Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon